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Where should you go in Taiwan?

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What is Taiwan Pass ?

Taiwan’s 368 cities and townships in 22 counties offer you magnificent mountain experience and ocean views. You can choose to rock in the big cities or have a bite of sensational food in an alley. Want a true local experience, but you only have limited time? Then, you must not miss the limited offer of Taiwan Pass, fun guaranteed by the local officials.

Taiwan Pass is an electronic ticket loaded with tourism resources planned and recommended by the local governments nationwide, offering “time and location” specific discounts for various modes of travel carriers and destination tickets. The limited-edition card is designed with a red “Taiwan Pass” logo on the left, mosaic color blocks forming the visual of T-Pass on the right and the “Taiwan” logo of the Tourism Bureau (Ministry of Transportation and Communication) on the bottom. This pass is packed with discounts for products and services. It is available online, as well as at local stores.

Four passes, the “K.P.P Taiwan Pass” , “Yilan Taiwan Pass” , “Taichung Taiwan Pass” , “Taitung Taiwan Pass” are now available. The two new additions- Tainan Taiwan Pass and the T.N.K. region Taiwan Pass (Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung) should be available by the end of this year. As part of the “Tourism Nation Plan,” the Tourism Bureau plans to select two cities/counties for the Taiwan Pass project each year. This tourism-IT technology integration project aims to offer tourists the best of every city in Taiwan. All fun destinations, transportations and events are packed in one card.


Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)

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